Our Team

Sherlock has assembled a team of highly dedicated and experienced mineral industry professionals with one goal: to find new, high-value mineral deposits. Our Board and technical team have a track record of exploration success with experience in exploration for a wide variety of mineral commodities around Australia and the world.

Our tools include the most up-to-date geophysical techniques available, and we have the in-house expertise to process, interpret and synthesise this data with the geological models to quickly and efficiently define new exploration targets.


Graham Ascough BSc


Mr Ascough is a senior resources executive with more than 25 years of industry experience evaluating mineral projects and resources in Australia and overseas.  He has had broad industry involvement ranging from playing a leading role in setting the strategic direction for significant country-wide exploration programmes to working directly with mining and exploration companies.

Mr Ascough is a geophysicist by training and was the Managing Director of Mithril Resources Limited from October 2006 until June 2012.  Prior to joining Mithril in 2006, Mr Ascough was the Australian Manager of Nickel and PGM Exploration at the major Canadian resources house, Falconbridge Ltd (acquired by Xstrata Plc in 2006).

Mr Ascough is chairman of ASX listed Musgrave Minerals Ltd, Mithril Resources Ltd, Phoenix Copper Ltd and Avalon Resources Ltd.  He is a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and is a Professional Geoscientist of Ontario, Canada.  In the last three years he has also been a director of Aguia Resources Ltd and a Councillor of the South Australia Chamber of Mines where he chaired the Exploration Committee.

Managing Director

Peter Reid BSc Hons (MAIG)

Peter Reid is a geologist with 22 years’ professional experience. Peter has strong exploration credentials having worked initially for the Regional Geological Survey of South Australia and later with Minotaur Resources. This included being involved in the discovery of the world class Prominent Hill Cu-Au deposit that was subsequently sold to OZ Minerals. During this time he generated a portfolio of nickel projects, and aided the spin out of a successful IPO, Mithril Resources, from Minotaur.

With Minotaur’s support, he went on to researching Australia’s engineered geothermal energy potential, working closely with the University of Adelaide. The result of this work led to formation of Petratherm, a specialist engineered geothermal explorer and developer, and in July 2004 he led this through to a successful ASX listing as the founding CEO of Petratherm Limited. With the expansion of the company both in Australia and overseas, and maturation of its flagship project Paralana, he took on the role of exploration manager in 2006 through to June 2014.

In 2011 he received the Australian Geothermal Energy’s Association’s Chairman’s Award  for his services to the Australian Geothermal Industry and was the Chairman of the Australian Geothermal Report Code from 2011 through to 2013.

In March 2013 he co-founded Sherlock Minerals which is committed to cost effective, high value polymetallic mineral exploration. In July 2013 he was appointed an executive director of ASX listed Lawson Gold Limited. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.

Non-Executive Director

Mr Donald Stephens: BAcc (FCA)

Mr Stephens is a Chartered Accountant and corporate adviser with over 25 years experience in the accounting industry, including 14 years as a partner of HLB Mann Judd (SA), a firm of Chartered Accountants.He is a director of Mithril Resources Ltd, Reproductive Health Science Ltd, Papyrus Australia Ltd, Lawson Gold Ltd and Petratherm Ltd. Additionally he is Company Secretary to Minotaur Exploration Ltd, Mithril Resources Ltd and Highfield Resources Ltd. He holds other public company secretarial positions and directorships with private companies and provides corporate advisory services to a wide range of organisations.